Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sir Paul Rocks… and Inspires!

Photo courtesy of Rob Whitehead & Erin Davis

Paul McCartney is still cute, charming, and dynamic 46 years after he and the rest of the Beatles conquered North America and stole our hearts. Thanks to the generosity of my old friend and fellow Beatle-maniac, the Reverend Fay Patterson-Willsie, I was one of the 16,000+ who cheered and sang ourselves hoarse at Paul’s Toronto concert on Sunday. Or more correctly, love-fest. If he sent us “all [his] lovin’”,  we gave it back “in the palm of [our] hand[s]”.

Because his music is part of the soundtrack of our lives, we were instantly plunged into punctuated moments of the past. Like the time I was at Fay’s Muskoka cottage (which inspired my Muskoka Novels), and we listened to the Beatles on some Boston radio station late at night. Or when my husband and I danced to “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” at our wedding, reminding ourselves of that pivotal night when we had danced to that song in a pub and realized our friendship had become something more profound. Our “going-away” song at the wedding was, appropriately, “In My Life”. Paul and The Beatles had a way of anticipating and voicing our thoughts, joys, angst, and dreams in a lyrical and timeless way. (I’m now a “Paperback Writer”.) A testament to the power and relevance of the music could be seen in the beaming faces of the audience, young and old alike, who sang along lustily and couldn’t resist dancing.

What was so inspiring was to see Paul’s boundless energy and obvious passion for his music. That he could sing and play virtually non-stop for three hours is truly remarkable for anyone, let alone a 68-year-old. We might have been hoarse and tired from all our singing, clapping, toe-tapping, arm-waving, and hip-swinging, but he showed little sign of flagging, despite the obvious heat on the stage. May we all be that youthful and happily productive at that age and beyond. Paul continues to be a touchstone for my and other generations.

You can be sure that when I get to the 1960s in my Muskoka Novels (Book 5, 6?), Paul and the Beatles will be part of the soundtrack for my characters’ lives, just as Ragtime was in my first two novels.

To see more fab photos of Sir Paul in concert, visit  Erin Davis’s website. Many thanks to her and husband Rob Whitehead for the use of the photo from Sunday’s concert!


  1. Sounds like a great time, Gabriele! The Beatles were a big part of the soundtrack of our lives. I love the wedding stories. :)

  2. Jeannette, it was fab, as we used to say in those Beatle days! My friend, Fay, and I saw the Beatles in Toronto in 1965 as well, so this was a blast from the past!

  3. Wow Gabriele - what a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing such a magical night with all of us. That was truly the music of our lives.

  4. Yes, Ruth, and it still enthralls the younger generations. Isn't that the meaning of "classic"?

  5. I wish I could have been there to sing along with you and Paul! What an interesting impact he and his music has played throughout your life. Living parallel realities... so close... so personal... now Paul just needs the pleasure and honor of meeting you up close and personal and the impact and connection for him will be complete! :-) She said "Yeah, Yeah Yeah!"

  6. Janet, because I work "Eight Days a Week", "I've Got A Feelin'" that "We Can Work It Out" "With a Little Help From My Friends". : )



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