Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Surprising Facts Inspire Intriguing Fiction

Thanks to historical fiction author M.K. Tod for inviting me to do a guest post on her blog - A Writer of History. I discuss how the obscure and quirky facts I uncover in my research inspire characters and plots in my novels.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Party like it's 1913!

Tickets are on sale for the Muskoka Boat & Heritage Centre's Fundraising Gala,  June 1, 2013 - dinner, dancing, and entertainment. Come in period costume if you like! 
I'll be giving a brief presentation about Muskoka's Age of Elegance. Hope to see  you there! For more information, visit this site -

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Historic Millionaire's Row

This is Buck Island, one of the original cottages of “Millionaire’s Row” near Beaumaris on Lake Muskoka, built around the turn of the last century. Tucked away in the trees, it’s difficult to appreciate its size: it boasts 14 bedrooms, 8 baths, many en suite, 8 fireplaces, and a miniature house in the attic for the children. The once lush gardens, maintained by a staff of 10 full-time gardeners, were renowned, drawing admirers from around the lakes.

The Beaumaris area was also called “Little Pittsburgh”, since many cottagers were wealthy American industrialists, financiers, and tycoons from Pennsylvania. A million dollars bought a lot in the days when the average wage in North America was $490 per year! Women teachers in Canada were paid only $246 annually, while male teachers earned nearly double that. Little wonder that millionaires could build lavish summer homes and retain dozens of servants.

In my Internet travels, I just happened to notice that this historic summer estate on Buck Island is for sale. It can be yours for a mere $3.9 million. To those who don’t know Muskoka, this may seem like a lot of money, but many cottages sell in the multi-millions, although few have such a rich history. And you would own the entire island. If you’re interested, here is the Real Estate listing. Dream on!

Monday, April 15, 2013

English Review from Spanish Blogger

Thanks to Isi for this lovely review of The Summer Before the Storm! I can appreciate how difficult it must be to read an epic novel in a foreign language. Bravo, Isi, and your blogger friends for taking on the English book challenge!
 From Isi  

More Spanish Reviews

Thanks to two more Spanish book bloggers for these reviews of The Summer Before the Storm.
A Book a Day Keeps the Doctor Away  and
Lienzo de Palabras

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spanish Reviews

My thanks to a couple of Spanish bloggers who have reviewed The Summer Before the Storm.
From Isi  and
Gecko Books
Glad they enjoyed the novel!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vimy Ridge Day Talk

I'm doing at PowerPoint presentation at the historic McCrae House in Guelph at 2:00 PM on April 9. Everyone is welcome to attend!
Photo copyright Melanie Wills

For History Buffs

Here's a delightful blog with interesting historical tidbits: Sandy's Collected Thoughts.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Under the Moon Review by M. Denise C.

Thanks to book blogger M. Denise C. for being intrigued enough by the first two Muskoka Novels to  read the 3rd in the series! Here's her review of Under the Moon. Be advised that the first paragraph contains plot spoilers for those who haven't read The Summer Before the Storm and Elusive Dawn.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Readers' Favorite - 5-Star Review!

I'm delighted that The Summer Before the Storm has received a 5-Star review, which can be seen on the Readers' Favorite website. Love the comparison to Downton Abbey! Remember that my book came out first (2006).  :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thanks to Book Bloggers!

It’s vital for me as an author to have feedback from readers. It lets me know what works and what doesn’t, and what could be improved upon. Of course, we all have different expectations and preferences, and read within the framework of our own life experiences, so no two people will “experience” a novel in the same way. And yet, if I’ve managed to touch people’s hearts and minds, then I’ve accomplished my mission.

The recent book blog tours for The Summer Before the Storm and Elusive Dawn have provided me with plenty of reviews and wonderful quotes, as well as things to ponder as I work on Book 4 in the series. I’d like to thank all the bloggers who took the time to read and critique my novels. All are busy, and some had to juggle difficult family situations to meet deadlines. But they are book lovers who do this gladly because it’s their passion. Special thanks to Teddy Rose of Premier Virtual Author Book Tours for her own enthusiastic response to my novels, and for so professionally arranging the tour.

You’ll find links to these reviews in my November 2012, December 2012, and February 2013 blogs, listed in the right-hand column. If you have comments to make about my novels, I'd be delighted to hear from you, so email me at Thank you all!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bags, Books, and Bon Jovi: Review of Elusive Dawn

"Ms. Wills writes eloquently and evocatively  about  the changing  world and how  it affected the Wyndham family and the other characters." See the complete review on this blog

M. Denise C.: Review of Elusive Dawn

“There are definitely similarities with the Downton Abbey series, as well as the beloved Maisie Dobbs novels set during the same time.”  Read the review here.


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